Creative Photography Marketing Ideas Every Professional Photographer Should Use

Are you a professional photographer? Here are the best and most creative photography marketing ideas every professional photographer should use!

Promoting your photography business is one of the most important and yet most challenging things a new photographer should do. If you are a beginner and you are just entering the world of professional photography, it can be frustrating as it seems like you can’t market your business and attract the attention of the right people. You should know that marketing does not have to be time-consuming or expensive. However, it does need to be innovative so you can encourage the clients to choose your brand.

In this article, we are going to present you the best and most creative photography marketing ideas every professional photographer should use. By using these ideas you will be able to take your business to the next level! Let’s start!

  • Design Custom Cards and Invitations – A great way to convince your clients to seal the deal is by providing added value that you and only you can offer. When your clients are going to notice the custom design, they will realize that you’ve spent a lot of time and energy to make these cards or invitations. They will realize that you care for them and will try to find a way to pay you back.
  • Shoot for Charity – You won’t believe how effective this marketing strategy actually is. All you need to do is to check your local newspaper online and find a charity event. Call the coordinators and ask if you can come and take photos of the event for free. Use the event to meet new people and pass out your business cards.
  • Remember the Little Things – If you want to retain your current clients this is a great idea you must use. Enter the birthday or anniversary of your clients in your calendar. Mail them a custom note wishing them a happy birthday or anniversary and offer them a discount for their next photo. This little trick can do wonders!
  • Decorate an Office – Ask your friend if you can print beautiful landscape photos in their office and add your contact information on the bottom corner. You can even put a price on the photo and allow people to purchase the photo right off the wall!

If you have more ideas, please share with us!

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